Hiring a Lawyer in Thailand

While enjoying the warm weather of Thailand, among the least of your priorities as an expat-retiree is hiring the services of a law firm. This is understandable because your primary aim is to enjoy and make use of your stay in Thailand’s top tourist and expat drawing southern Thailand rather than worrying on legal matters

Types of Matrimonial Assets in Thailand

Matrimonial properties and their attached rights of claims and ownerships may seem to be irrelevant if a couple is having a harmonious marriage. However, the same cannot be said if the said marriage will end in a divorce, the type of which that involves litigation, as one party may lay contentious claim over a property

Dos and Don’ts for a Retiree in Thailand

So you have identified Thailand as the ideal place for you to enjoy your life as a retiree. Well, you just made a good choice considering that Thailand has everything that every retiree like you needs like warm tropical weather, top class hospitals, good food and of course, great commercial centers. Also, in case you

The Thai Limited Company

Of the types of company structures in Thailand, the Limited Company is among the most favorable for foreign business owners because of the limited liability on debts and losses of the owners of the company. The capital of the Limited Company is divided into shares and the liability of the shareholder is limited to the

Will and Testament Enforceable in Thailand?

Drawing up a last will and testament seem to be a straightforward process. On a certain perspective, preparing one is as simple as formulating a draft of a thesis a paper and then submit it when the deadline comes. On another viewpoint, it is a piece of document that really has the potential to make

Due Diligence in Thailand

When purchasing a property, be it in Thailand or in another country, conducting due diligence must be a standard practice. Any interested party has the right to know everything about the property, its attached documents and the background of the person or entity he is dealing with and due diligence can provide him with the